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Making amazing water experiences since 1886

Why we like Methven

Methven make great quality bathroom taps and showers. But that's not the only reason we stock them. We believe in their ethos of taking care of the environment, we like that they stock spare parts in case you ever need them, and we like the fact they spend on research and development to bring something truly innovative to you.

Innovative Showers

Aurajet and Satinjet technology turns an everyday ritual into a luxurious experience


FastFlow® controls the hot and cold mix in your shower to maintain a constant flow and temperature, even with unequal water pressure

Twin Lever

Methven twin levers give you all the control of twin taps in one simple configuration.

Ceramic Discs

Ceramic discs offer reliable technology that ensures your taps work well, are safe to use and help you to conserve water.

Who are Methven?

Methven was founded in 1886 with the goal to create Amazing Water Experiences. And today, it shows - the range of Methven taps and showers are award winning in class, beautifully designed and utilise innovation unlike any other to harness the power of water, not only to clean, but to calm, refresh and invigorate you in the morning or after a hard day of work.