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Douche Kits

View our collection of douche kits and accessories including manual and thermostatic valves, bar mixer valves and diverter kits.

Douche Kits at the Bathroom Accessory Co.

We stock a wide range of Douche Kits at the Bathroom Accessory Company. But if you don't find a TRV that suits your needs, contact us and we can help source the right douche for you!

Erhm, what are douche kits?

A douche is a device used to clean the - well private parts after you've done your business. It is typically a small, hand-held device with a nozzle that sprays water in a circular motion to flush out dirt and debris.

Is a Douche the same as a Bidet?

While very similar - the answer is no - a douche is not the same as a bidet.

A douche is a device used to spray water for the purpose of cleaning the sensitive areas at any time, while a bidet is a plumbing fixture used to clean the genital and bum areas after using the toilet.

Although they have some similarities, they are two distinct devices with different uses.