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By Methven. With over 30 years of experience.

Why we like Deva

Deva is one of the largest suppliers of premium bathroom taps in the UK. The brand has a 125-year-old history and is part of the Methven Group. The Deva brand has established a successful reputation for bathroom accessories with a focus on beautiful design, eco-friendly measures and functional comfort.

Design with Flare

Deva specialise in bathroom accessories and taps with innovative design, extreme comfort and functionality.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Deva has a strong commitment to eco-friendly design and manufacturing and conforms to the top industry standards and accreditations.


Deva offer a range of water-saving products to reduce water consumption and water flow by up to 80%.

After-Sales Support

Deva provides an excellent after-sales and technical support service for quick and helpful customer support.

Who are Deva?

Deva has over 25 years heritage of supplying showers and taps in the UK. They were acquired by Methven in 2007, and with it became one of the largest suppliers of taps and showers in the UK market.

With pedigree in manufacturing and quality, an unmatchable after-care network and a leading guarantee, we comfortably stick by Deva and present them as part of our core range.