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Let’s talk about Lights


What are Downlights?

Downlights are light fixtures that are installed above the ceiling and shine down into a space. They are a popular and versatile lighting option that can add a touch of sophistication and style to any living area, reduce electricity use and maintenance costs, and enhance the visual appearance of your home in cold weather. 

Downlights are generally installed in the surrounding ceilings of bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms and are the all-purpose of lighting fixtures as they are used as a component of a good lighting plan in most lighting projects. There are two main types of downlights: fixed LED downlights and LED gimbal downlights, with the latter being more suitable for high or sloped ceilings, or for task or accent lighting.

What are GU10 Bulbs?

The GU10 bulb name refers to the shape of the base of the bulb - a two-pin base that is 10 mm in diameter. GU10 light bulbs are designed to fit into a specific type of socket, which is compatible with most light fixtures. 

The main differences between GU10 and other light bulbs are in the size, brightness, and energy efficiency. GU10 light bulbs are typically smaller and brighter than other types of bulbs, which makes them ideal for narrow or confined spaces and they also tend to be more energy efficient than other types of bulbs - particularly the LED GU10 lights bulbs which makes them a great choice for both domestic and commercial applications

Should I get Warm Lights or Cool Lights?

Warm lights and cool lights each produce a different colour temperature. Warm lights emit a yellowish-orange light, which is said to be more calming and relaxing, while cool lights emit a bluish-white light, which is said to be more energising. The colour temperature also impacts the mood of a room and the overall lighting experience. Warm lights are better suited for cosy, intimate settings, while cool lights are better suited for a bright, energetic atmosphere. Additionally, warm lights work better with warmer colours, while cool lights work better with cooler colours. Ultimately, the choice between warm and cool lights will depend on your preferences and the desired ambience of the room.

What are Fire Rated Lights?

Fire rated lights are a type of lighting fixture specifically designed to provide safety in the event of a fire. These lights are manufactured using materials that are fire-resistant, such as steel and intumescent strips, and are tested to ensure they meet the fire rating requirements set out by building regulations. Fire rated lights are typically used across most new build homes, particularly in the loft where there’s foaming insulation which could catch fire in hot conditions.